Total Insight Leadership

The cornerstone of valuable insight is its reputation for value in the marketplace. Total Insight is highly regarded for its innovative and creative solutions that bring about transformative, positive change throughout client organizations, their internal operations and their end-to-end supply chains.

John Richardson – Vice President, Supply Chain Analytics

John Richardson - Vice President, Supply Chain AnalyticsJohn Richardson sees his group’s role as one of marrying real-world LEAN continuous improvement experience with advanced data modeling techniques to create game-changing scenarios for Total Insight clients.

A Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know, John has worked for nearly two decades with top companies to improve their supply chain efficiency and lower costs by applying advanced supply chain analytics techniques. In addition to overseeing Total Insight’s LEAN training and consulting group that delivers enterprise-wide LEAN solutions, John is responsible for leading the team that provides clients with analytical supply chain solutions including static and continuous network design, transportation optimization and client training and education.

John has worked with many global businesses in a variety of industries, giving him a unique perspective on the supply chain strategies needed for dynamic, global companies. John specializes in transportation routing, network optimization, manufacturing planning, inventory optimization, forecasting, geospatial analysis and mapping and supply chain analytics. In his analysis, he uses a variety of applications including those from JDA, CAPS and ESRI, among others.

John graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BE in Electrical Engineering and received an MBA, Finance from the University of Memphis.

Rennie Alston – Head of Global Trade Compliance

Rennie Alston - Head of Global Trade ComplianceRennie Alston has more than 30 years of interactive work experience with U.S. Customs and Border Protection on international trade and regulatory issues. He has instructed college-accredited courses in U.S. Customs Regulations and Documentation, Customs Brokerage License Preparation, Import Export Compliance and Customs Entry Preparation, and Global Security Compliance for 20 years.

A recognized expert in Customs Regulatory issues and Compliance Management, Rennie works exclusively with Transportation Insight to help client partners establish compliant processes that ease entry at global ports of trade. Rennie received his Master Certification from the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris as a master trainer of the Incoterms 2010.

Rennie also serves as a professor, expert and professional practitioner at Baruch College, New York City. He is a guest instructor and guest speaker for the American Management Association and The World Academy on various platforms, speaking on global security initiatives and compliance management regarding international trade issues.

Rick Brumett – Vice President, Client Solutions

Rick Brumett - Vice President, Client SolutionsRick Brumett’s International Trade Compliance Certification in import/export enables him to engage with customers as a licensed freight forwarder capable of identifying new areas of risk during uncertain times of increased enforcement by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In addition to his extensive knowledge of global transportation networks, Rick’s more than 35 years of logistics, transportation, warehousing, network design, retail distribution and supply chain management experience establishes him as an end-to-end supply chain solutions expert. He leads the development and execution of winning solutions that help companies maximize profits, improve their cash-to-cash position, enhance customer service, boost visibility and gain more supply chain control.

A Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know, Rick is a strong business development professional who is skilled in operations management, supply chain optimization, freight, sales operations, reverse logistics and global import/export optimization and compliance. A regular contributor to industry publications and speaker at industry events, he provides thought leadership and best practices on mitigating financial and operational risk through improved transportation strategies that improve alignment with business goals and improve profitable performance.

Rick graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Economics and Logistics.

Bill Loftis – Senior Director, Integrated Solutions

Bill Loftis brings to Total Insight clients more than 35 years of supply chain experience that includes consulting to some of North America’s largest companies across a wide variety of industries. His client experience has touched many different supply chain functions, with particular strengths in strategic omni-channel network design, product flow strategies, transportation strategy, transportation network modeling, multi-enterprise supply chain collaboration and supply chain business intelligence. Through these endeavors he has provided clients with markedly improved visibility to item-level profitability measurements that drive overall enterprise improvement, augmented insights into implementing more efficient transportation procurement strategies, increased data understanding and analysis to improve decision-making, and customized vendor consolidation strategies to better balance supply with demand.

A pioneer in transforming transportation metrics into meaningful business intelligence, Loftis is a Supply &Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know. He is recognized as a supply chain strategist who focuses on the underlying business problem as the starting point of continuous improvement analysis. Laser-focus on problem resolution and deep domain expertise allows Loftis to help client partners effectively integrate their supply chain data to better support business processes and improve performance. Loftis’ previous leadership roles with leading supply chain consultancies allowed him to develop innovative supply chain solutions implemented for retail grocery chains and Consumer Packaged Goods companies. He has worked for some of the world’s most recognizable food and beverage brands. An avid outdoors enthusiast, Loftis is an Industrial Engineering graduate from Georgia Tech.

Mark Heckenliable – Senior Continuous Improvement Consultant

Mark Heckenliable - Senior Continuous Improvement Consultant

A Lean Master Black Belt, Mark Heckenliable applies his 25 years of Lean leadership experience to help clients improve operational efficiencies and strengthen operating income. Mark is a resourceful problem solver who enables manufacturers, retailers and e-tailers to achieve optimum performance, supply chain responsiveness and enterprise agility through hands-on, scale-up leadership, kaizen event direction and Toyota Production System training for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and operations management.

Mark is a Shingijutsu Toyota Production Master, and he has developed exceptional strategic and tactical planning skills in logistics, quality systems, financial management, process improvements, customer service and KPI Improvement plans.