Whatever your supply chain or enterprise goals might be, Total Insight can help you get there. Our unique combination of analytical horsepower and our Extended LEAN® continuous improvement methodology is unmatched in the consulting space. We develop enterprise improvement solutions that help you provide maximum value to your customer, the most important component of any value stream.

Developed by Total Insight, the Extended LEAN® methodology of continuous improvement applies traditional LEAN principles to the entire supply chain. Extended LEAN drives creation of industry-wide value networks that is transforming businesses from surviving to THRIVING.

Whether you are looking at process improvements, strategic supply chain optimization or performing an in-depth transportation study, Total Insight consultants want to help you bring as much value to your customers while you focus on the strategic direction of your business.

Using a scientific approach, our team first gains a clear understanding of your supply chain’s current state. With this clear picture, we can see opportunities for cost reductions and service improvements, whether they are internal, external or a combination thereof. The results of a partnership with Total Insight can be game-changing. Our clients have seen:

  • Rapid – and dramatic – lead time reduction
  • Improved cash flow
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Reduced inventory and required floor space

Integrated Analytics is an extension of Total Insight's Network and Transportation Optimization services.  Many companies traditionally engage with a supply chain consultant for strategic supply chain review every two to three years, resulting in a loss of value over time.  With continuous analysis, supply chain costs are minimized over time. Continuous Analytics Services include:

  • On-going analytical support
  • Regular model updates
  • Compliance tracking
  • Data validation
  • “Out-of-the-box” analysis


John Richardson – Vice President of Supply Chain Analytics
John Richardson_jpg John Richardson sees his group’s role as one of marrying real-world LEAN continuous improvement experience with advanced data modeling techniques to create game-changing scenarios for Total Insight clients.

John has worked for nearly two decades with top companies to improve their supply chain efficiency and lowering costs by applying advanced supply chain analytics techniques. In addition to overseeing Total Insight’s LEAN training and consulting group that delivers enterprise-wide LEAN solutions, John is responsible for leading the team that provides clients with analytical supply chain solutions including static and continuous network design, transportation optimization and client training and education.

John has worked with many global businesses in a variety of industries, giving him a unique perspective on the supply chain strategies needed for dynamic, global companies. John specializes in transportation routing, network optimization, manufacturing planning, inventory optimization, forecasting, geospatial analysis and mapping and supply chain analytics. In his analysis, he uses a variety of applications from JDA, CAPS and ESRI, among others.

John graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BE in Electrical Engineering and received an MBA, Finance from the University of Memphis.