Why Total Insight?

Each discipline that we practice – global trade compliance, integrated supply chain analytics, omni-channel excellence and enterprise continuous improvement – is underpinned by a diagnose-first, prescribe-later approach. The resulting enterprise improvement and risk management solutions protect your interests while delivering maximum enterprise value. To learn more about the team that leads our efforts in each of these critical areas, click here.

Enhanced import/export regulatory enforcement is creating new areas of risk for companies shipping products across U.S. borders. International shipping practices of the past may not be compliant in today’s environment. Our team of global trade compliance experts can assist you in navigating the increasingly complex scope of rules and regulations that apply to international shipping.

Integrated Analytics is an extension of Total Insight's Network and Transportation Optimization services.  Many companies traditionally engage with a supply chain consultant for strategic supply chain review every two to three years, resulting in a loss of value over time. With continuous analysis, supply chain costs are minimized over time. Continuous Analytics Services include:

  • Ongoing analytical support
  • Regular model updates
  • Compliance tracking
  • Data validation
  • “Out-of-the-box” analysis


You might feel like your omni-channel fulfillment efforts are successful and profitable, but do you really know how well they are performing from a profitability and customer experience perspective? Total Insight's deep analytical capabilities can put you on the road to omni-channel excellence.

Developed by Total Insight, the Extended LEAN® methodology of continuous improvement applies traditional LEAN principles to the entire supply chain. Extended LEAN drives the creation of industry-wide value networks that are transforming businesses from surviving to THRIVING.

Whether you are looking at process improvements, strategic supply chain optimization or performing an in-depth transportation study, Total Insight consultants want to help you bring as much possible value to your customers while you focus on the strategic direction of your business.