Computer for LoranSupply chain network optimization is the science – and art – of designing a holistic, strategic and quantitative view of an organization’s end-to-end supply chain.

How can a supply chain network optimization help your company? Read below to find out more.

You want to ensure your company realizes all the benefits of integrating one or more companies into your network, like increased productivity, improved service and cost reduction. We work with clients to understand the impact their merger or acquisition will have on the existing supply chain network. Our consultants have broad experience identifying potential opportunities for savings and process improvements. We develop projected roadmaps and measure progress toward success.

If your company is experiencing demand growth in a particular market segment or product group, we can analyze how growth in that segment will affect your productivity across your entire enterprise. Likewise, we can provide in-depth network analysis to determine how and where you should consolidate operations to improve operating margins.

What happens to my supply chain when we add a new product line? Total Insight can help you understand the impact a new product line or expansion into a new delivery channel or market segment will impact your current business model.

What if your demand increases in New England for a certain product that you only currently make in Arizona? Where else in your network could you make the product? Better yet, with the help of Total Insight’s Supply Chain Analytics team, we’ll help you determine where you should make the product.

Inevitably when a company experiences changes in management, the company’s focus changes. New products. More products in different markets. New marketing channels. We help you understand the impacts, so that you can drive maximum profitability through the enterprise.