How Do We Do It?

The foundation of an effective supply chain strategy is the understanding and visualization of your business’ current state. We create that current state data model using a combination of sophisticated mixed-integer linear optimization tools and logistics expertise. Then we perform a range of “what-if” scenarios to help you answer questions such as:

•  How do we get orders to customers in the most efficient manner?
•  In which facility do we make this product?
•  How many products should we make?
•  Where should we keep inventory?
•  From whom, and in what quantities, do we purchase raw materials?
•  What is the most efficient mode of transportation for us to use?
•  From which distribution center should we ship products for a particular customer segment?
•  Where should we locate a new distribution center or manufacturing facility?
•  What if our demand increases 10%?
•  What happens if fuel costs rise sharply?
•  How many production lines do we need to run to meet customer demand?
•  How many shifts must we use to meet demand?
•  How can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions within our supply chain?
•  Where are our vulnerabilities?