Net Profit Margin Management

With retail supply chains morphing into supply “webs” as a result of a consumer-driven paradigm shift in the way they buy products, are you able to profitably meet these challenging service and cost standards? How do you know for sure?

Our margin management analytical capabilities enable you to efficiently harness large volumes of supply chain and order data to help you profitably achieve your customer service objectives.

Through the process outlined in the tabs below, the margin management platform enables you and your team to examine the profitability of every SKU and determine as a team how to drive enterprise improvement by effectively managing and maximizing cost-effectiveness throughout your product line.

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We develop custom reporting to support a standardized margin measurement process using connected and enabled technology designed by our data scientists. Steps in the process include:

  • Creating a data model unique to your enterprise
  • Applying your specific data and interface requirements
  • Gathering, cleansing and validating your data
  • Identifying and resolving exceptions
  • Maintaining clean dataset in a business intelligence-ready database
  • Preparing cost allocations and delivering detailed documentation to support answers to your questions
  • Dimensionalized SKU-level net profitability analysis updated on a weekly basis
  • Dimensions and measurements aligned with key stakeholders' decision factors
  • Output of analysis directly into your workflow
    • BI-ready database
    • Stand-alone functionality
    • Near-real-time alerts to targeted users
  • Visibility to net profitability levels across multiple dimensions by SKU, shipping program, flow path, product category, customer type or channel
  • Management of your business based on real net profitability instead of speculation
  • Access to subject matter experts that pair deep supply chain domain expertise with an engineering and analytical mindset
  • Continuous improvement methodology ensures laser focus on understanding who in your business needs access to what measurements, and adapts to changing demands over time
  • Flexibility to cater to different data consumption needs of varying business areas