Our Expertise

With seasoned LEAN professionals on staff, you can rest assured our team has unparalleled experience helping companies improve internal processes through traditional LEAN principles. Building on that expertise, we thoroughly examine your company’s entire supply chain from vendor to customer, helping you create a value stream map of its current state and identifying non-value-added elements. We then leverage our logistics management expertise, innovative technology and your business knowledge to create long-term value.

If your company is on a LEAN journey, then you understand the impact that LEAN principles can have on your operations. However, deploying traditional LEAN practices internally can take 3-5 years to achieve a positive return on your investment. Furthermore, as much as 75 percent of the non-value-added activity in your supply chain exists outside your facility. Extended LEAN generates immediate improvements that can accelerate your company’s success. To download our whitepaper on the benefits of Extended LEAN, click here.