Life Is Not Intended To Be Done Alone, And Neither Is Business.
The Best Things Are Achieved With Others.

The benefit of working together causes people to realize their full potential and to influence communities positively. We can participate in activities which qualify for further investment in good and worthy goals.

Introduce executives and senior leaders to the fundamentals of LEAN and what to expect as they embark on the organizational LEAN journey. Includes roles of the executives as leader, sponsor and champion.

  • Flexible delivery from two to eight hours
  • Includes Strategic Execution and the executives role, Cultural Enablement and LEAN Basics

Three-week course to develop internal continuous improvement leaders and change agents. Curriculum based upon the body of knowledge required for the Bronze LEAN Certification exam, and includes creation of an individual portfolio of work to demonstrate LEAN project work and practical application.

  • History, strategy, tools and cultural aspects of becoming a LEAN leader for an organization.
  • “Hands-on” format enables participants to gain understanding by utilizing a “LEAN and do” approach.
  • Creation of a Value Stream Map project for your business
  • Participation on a Standard Work Kaizen event, either on site or hosted by a Total Insight partner company.
  • Class setting of 12-20 students with experienced instructors, the setting encourages idea sharing and networking with others on their LEAN journey. Open to any level of associate in any industry.
  • Upon completion of the course and three additional kaizen events (led by the student or one of our kaizen facilitators) students are eligible to receive a Total Insight Green Belt.

The same three-week course is available to provide companies with customized curriculum and delivery options to offer the Total Insight LEAN Certification program for their employees. This setting enables team building, idea sharing of best practices and practical implementation into your daily processes.

  • Use your business processes as the “beta site” for testing LEAN practices
  • Enable team sharing and collaboration focused on your company strategic goals and objectives
  • Conduct kaizen events that implement actual change and improvement into the process
  • Customization of materials is available to help learners to clearly see and understand how LEAN can be applied to their processes.


  • How to handle a cultural transformation with four generations in the workplace.
  • The 10 characteristics a LEAN Leader must possess to drive change and empower people.
  • Team-building activities to illustrate learned characteristics.
  • Leadership Style investigation to determine your current leadership style.