Continuous Improvement

A successful organization incorporates and uses every business process fully and efficiently to promote positive financial returns. Total Insight will fill your company’s toolbox with the full spectrum of our customizable solutions.

LEAN is much more than an approach to improving manufacturing processes. It is a philosophy and culture that focuses on your entire business model, starting with your customer’s order, the delivery of that product or service and ending with the “cash.”

Based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), LEAN is a way of looking at everything you do in order to identify waste as being anything that is non-value added from your customer’s perspective. Simply put, if your customer is not willing to pay for any step in your process (including administrative processes), then it is non-value added and needs to be reduced or eliminated. Examples of non-value-added activities are overproduction, transportation, waiting, excess inventory, unnecessary motion, producing defects or the process itself.

Companies that actively pursue LEAN implementation can expect to see shorter lead times, higher quality, lower inventory levels, shorter order-to-cash cycles as well as shorter time for new product development. It is important to remember that LEAN is a continuous improvement journey that requires commitment and the strong desire to improve your culture, as well as your enterprise systems and processes. To learn how LEAN processes can improve every facet of your business, click here.

We never prescribe a solution before diagnosing the problem. Total Insight helps your team develop an understanding of your business through conducting an on-site assessment. This tool assists in defining the long-term goals, challenges and opportunities for improvement for any company (or industry) based on 23 different categories. Each category has been created as a baseline to world class LEAN companies. The on-site LEAN Assessment is a 2-4-day activity with our experienced LEAN Solutions Specialists who perform an extensive review of your enterprise in order to provide your company a one-of-a-kind solution.

The assessment you receive contains detailed scoring on where your organization is in its LEAN journey. It also provides a roadmap on where to apply your resources going forward.

In addition to the scoring of each category, our LEAN Solutions Specialists give you specific feedback in each category on what they see as opportunities for future improvement. This scoring enables a value-stream mapping event with your team to visually depict where these opportunities exist in your processes. From these two outputs, we learn more about your supply chain so that we can better assist you in developing a future state that meets your strategic goals. On-site coaching and/or training may typically follow an assessment to help your team begin (or further develop) its LEAN journey.

Value Stream Mapping is a critical tool used to illustrate the flow of materials and information through an enterprise from “customer order to cash.” The Value Stream Map (VSM) helps you visually see the challenges and opportunities for improvement that exist in your operation from a LEAN perspective. This detailed map assists your management team in identifying future projects and capital expenditures, as well as determining where your kaizen events will have the biggest bottom line impact.

Taking a value stream approach means working on the big picture, not just individual processes. The end in mind is to improve the whole and not just optimize the parts. Upon careful and detailed examination of your processes through VSM, it soon becomes obvious where improvement opportunities lie.

The real power of Value Stream Mapping is not in defining where you are today but where you want to go. Once the current state map has been created, our team works with you to develop your future-state and ideal-state maps. These maps give your company a clear vision of what and where you want to be in the near future, as well as a direction to get there that everyone can see.